OverClocked #20 “And The Winners Are…”




I would like to thank David Lloyd for permitting me to publish his strip.  OverClocked #20 “And the Winners Are…”

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An Introduction for the Emulation Community



            “One flew over Pac-Man’s Nest” contains information regarding the technical facts of emulation in relation to law, with a particular, but not exclusive, eye to European Law.  Although not all of the existing emulators are covered individually, I have chosen to refer to those which serve as a typical example.  You do not have to be a lawyer or have legal knowledge in order to follow the meaning of it but, it may be occasionally hard to follow, especially with regards to language, as I have written this text as part of my Law Masters degree.  Similarly, some limitations had to apply, for example a word limit.  Although one cannot claim that it covers all the potential aspects to their entirety, competition law for example being omitted, it is my view from what reading I have done that my findings would not differ a lot had I covered everything.  Be warned however!!!!!  Law, especially European, is not static but rather depends upon interpretation.  Although I strongly believe that according to law the interpretation should be such so as to reach the conclusions that I have, a court may have a different opinion.  As I said again, it is not an easy reading all the way down and for general purposes I would recommend to read Sam Pettus’ Emufaq which is a more relaxed text with more general information, despite the fact that it is US law cantered.  If you would like however to read a more “legal” and “technical” document and, especially if you are a programmer, see the legal status of some actions, then I think that this is your “book”, regardless of being or not a European citizen.  The text is presented in electronic form, exactly as it was submitted to the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in September 2000, but for this introduction.

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Takis Tsiricos, October 1st, 2000